Learning list

This is an occasionally updated learning list to keep track of things I want to move onto.


  • Type
  • Web ostrý jako břitva



  • HTML 5
  • SASS, LESS –
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • atomic design (patternlab)



  • Colors (RGB, HSB, Color spaces…)
  • SEO

Learning to Code, Chapter 1, javascript calculator

For years now I wanted to start learning to code and it seems that I finally begun. It usually takes me infinite time to start with something new, since I tend to underestimate my abilities and I have inclination to procrastinate when not under at least a little pressure. The more annoyed I am, when I finally start and find out, that it’s not that complex after all, and that if you just start things will work out somehow. The only obstacle between you and your visions is time and effort. That is a fact which I often tend to forget.

But enough of existential thoughts. I started with javascript just to start somewhere and created this simple javascript+html+css calculator. Feel free to let me know what you think. Recently I moved to Python, since I want to get a little bit of structure in the learning and I felt that Python might be a good language to start with. I’ll update my findings when I learn something that’s worth presenting.

you can try the calculator here:


Books I’ve read in 2015

We face so many choices every day and sometimes we don’t even know it. The book is quite analytical and sometimes too descriptive, but worth reading (I hope I’ll finish it in 2016)

Interesting book that talks about habits from all different angles. Decided to finish it later after the book about willpower.

I like to read biographies of “successful people” in general ( I enjoyed Richard Branson’s biography as well as Steve Jobs’s) and I’m a big fan of Tesla and spaceX, so this one was a no-brainer. It’s a great book, but I expected it to talk more about Musk himself (It’s rather about his companies, than his life). Still definitely worth reading. 

I thought this would be something that can be handy to know, it has a lot of examples and fictional stories, but it’s a bit repetitive in my opinion. Probably won’t finish that one.

Really nice and positive book. I like the slightly cynical style in which the book is written. There is a lot of interesting observations. Worth reading.  

I really recommend this one, if you know or feel that you are an introverted person, or if you have introvert close to you and want to understand him better. It gave me lot of insights about myself that I didn’t consider before. It could have been slightly shorter, but it’s still one of the best books I read in last few years. 

This is a basic book for anyone who wants to read anything about personal development – books like the power of habit, paradox of choice or Allens Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This book will give you a very nice introduction to all of these books by basically summing up nicely the problems described by them.